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Database Wisdom: SQL

Chapter 1: Introduction

This book is not intended to teach you everything you might ever want to know about Structured Query Language (SQL) coding. The intention of this book is to give someone new to the language a solid foundation to begin using SQL.

As the intention is a foundation, little time will be spent on theory. I will explain some of the concepts you must know to be successful but I will spend most of the book giving you information that you can immediately use.

In this book, I will concentrate on using SQL rather than covering relational database technology, database design or database structures. These topics will be found in my Intro to Relational Databases and SQL Starter - Intro to DDL books.

This book is also meant to be database agnostic; that is, I will not try to present any particular database's approach over any other database's approach. Most of the examples below use SQL*Plus in an Oracle 10g XE environment. That is just the choice I made when beginning the book (it was the database I already had installed on my EeePC laptop). The concepts presented within this book are pertinent to any SQL database.


Contact: Lewis Cunningham

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