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Welcome to Database Wisdom: The Database Knowledgebase on the web. Currently, the target databases for this site are Oracle, Postgres and MySQL. Other databases may be added as requests come in. I'm already thinking about adding FileMaker, AlphaFive and possibly Access to cover the desktop databases.

Goal Of Database Wisdom

My goal at is to lower the barrier for entry to new database users, developers and DBAs. I believe that the database is the most critical component of any system in modern business. Data is king. For SMB businesses looking at databases, it can be intimidating and there's no reason it should. The same applies to developers. Database professionals seem to make it a point to convince people how difficult databases are and how they require some kind of special hand shake to deal with a database. I want to dispel that myth. It's not brain surgery.

This site is not meant to be a reference site. Database documentation has come along way in the last few years and I just don't think the web needs another generic syntax repository. This site is also not meant to be a FAQ or a Q&A site. Think of Database Wisdom as my way of sharing what I have learned over a long career. It's also, a bit at least, my way of sharing what I am still learning today.

The format of is like a book. The site is built around essays grouped around categories and chapters. Categories are identified in the menu to the left of the screen. Once you've selected a category, you'll be presented with a table of contents identifying the chapters. The idea is that you can read as much, or as little, as you like and come back later to read more.

Current Status

This is a lot of information to cover and I'm just getting started. If you find any problems, please use the Contact Us menu option at the top of the screen to send me the information. You can also use the same form to send feedback or request a specific topic be covered.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you get something for your time.

Contact: Lewis Cunningham

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