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Vertica - Vertica is an "Analytic Database". An Analytic Database means it is designed to handle large, read mostly, business intelligence workloads. The technical papers say that it can easily scale from 100s of GB to 100s of TB of data. Tthe company is headquartered in Boston, MA, USA. Vertica was founded in 2005 but did not start delivering commercially (i.e. exited stealth mode) until 2007. The founders of Vertica are Andrew Palmer and Michael Stonebraker. Andrew has held various C level executive positions prior to Vertica.

View - A view is a predefined query that is stored in a database's system catalog. The stored query can be queried and joined like a regular table. In some databases, view data can also be inserted, updated and deleted (DML). Usually, the allowable DML is restricted based on the kind of query that creates the view. A view is instatiated at run time and does not require any extra storage. Becuase a view is instantiated at run time, it cannot be indexed, partitioned or anything else that would require an underlying data structure.

VOIP - Voice Over IP. A protocol optimized to run on IP (packet switched) networks. Because the connection is run over IP, it can be very cheap to replace regular telephone communications and VOIP allows your phone to be portable.

VPD - Virtual Private Database. A virtual private database is an Oracle specific concept. In a VPD, you are allowed to define a column on multiple tables that will be used as a predicate on all queries against those tables. You pre-define the predicate value and oracle rewrites the query automatically. VPD allows an application to securely partition data for multiple user groups.

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