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OBIEE - The Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition is a full suite of BI tools including dashboards, ad hoc reporting, alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, real-time predictive analytics, and more.

ODS - Operational Data Store. An ODS exists primarily when data quality is less than optimal. When an operational system cannot provide clean data, it can feed an ODS where the data is cleansed and/or transformed. An ODS is optional and is not a focal point of the warehouse. An ODS can have many sources of data and there can be many ODSs.

OLAP - Online Analytical Processing. Now called Business Intelligence (BI) for the most part. This includes data mining. OLAP used to be the queries that took hours to run but more and more OLAP is happening in real-time. OLAP is extracting historical, statistical, etc. information from the raw data.

OLTP - Online Transaction Processing. This used to be synonymous with real-time processing but now everything needs to happen in real-time. OLTP tends to be single, small statements from end point applications, i.e. POS, Entry Screens, embedded devices, log files, etc.

Oracle - Oracle is the #1 commerical database. Oracle is a full featured, highly functional, robust database. Oracle, the company, also provides a full stack of software across a huge technology range including operating system, database, file system, application servers and more.

Oracle Designer - CASE tool developed by oracle. Designer is an end-to-end database design tool. I personally use it for its ERD functionality. At times I feel like even that is way too cumbersome.

Order By - SQL keyword that sorts the result set returned from a query. An ORDER BY is executed after all other clauses at the same level in a query.

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