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Grant - GRANT is a SQL system command to give permissions to a user, role or group (not all databases have all three concepts). You can grant read or modify access to data using SELECT for read and INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE for modify. You can allow stored procedure execution by GRANTing EXECUTE. The ability to perform commands such as create or drop table, create or drop index or grant permission to others is also given via the GRANT command.

Grid - A grid allows a business to add capacity, cheaply, whenever it is needed. You can dynamically add or remove nodes as processing needs change.

GridSQL - GridSQL is a shared-nothing database clustering solution. Nodes in a GridSQL cluster contain partial copies of a database's data set. GridSQL intercepts queries, parses them and will parallelize the query by sumbitting it to all of the required nodes. GridSQL is an open source product available from EnterpriseDB.

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