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ACID - an acronym relating to the integrity mode of a database. ACID stands for Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable.

Application Express - Oracle Application Express (also called APEX and formerly called HTML DB) is a FREE RAD web development tool. APEX is written using PL/SQL and runs completely inside of a web browser. APEX is an IDE and a runtime environment. You use APEX to write web applications. Users, using their database user ID, log into APEX and run their application from a menu.

Automatic Storage Management - Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) eases storage management by abstracting file systems to where DBAs need them. ASM also allows consolidation of storage so that applications that need storage have it available when they need it. ASM provides DBAs a consistent management interface across all platforms. It is a file system and volume manager specifically designed for Oracle data files.

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